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What To Look For When Shopping For A Boat Cover

What To Look For When Shopping For A Boat Cover?

We all know how precious your boat is to you, and you’d do anything to make it last longer. Some boat owners go to unimaginable lengths to keep their boats intact. Others are perplexed with the idea of keeping it safe from theft.

Whether you want to save it from pests or protect its electronic components from damage, a boat cover is essential for its protection. Sometimes just having a waterproof boat cover isn’t enough to keep it secure.

Many other factors define a perfect boat cover. If you have been looking to buy a suitable boat cover, and are lost among the sea of choices, your days of confusion are over.

We have specifically accumulated all the significant characteristics you should look for, which will certainly make your decision much more straightforward. Read our descriptive article to get rid of all the daunting questions you might have about boat covers.

Advantages Of A Quality Boat Cover

Why put so much thought into buying a proper boat cover? Contrary to what you might think, a boat cover is an essential accessory to your pride and joy! It keeps your boat safe from multiple things at once and considerably increases its lifespan. Certain perks of having a quality boat cover are followed.

Protection From Dust

How many times have you stepped out to the dock and start your boat and found it covered in grime? It can be a terrible predicament if you only choose to sail in your leisure.

People like these tend to keep their boats anchored for days on end without covering it properly. This results in dust and debris from accumulating on the deck. It makes it look rather revolting and hampers its hygiene. A quality boat cover can hinder this issue without extra effort.

Protection From The Sun

Some boats are covered with photosensitive paint that can fade away due to increased exposure to the sun. The UV rays emitted by the sun can produce cracks on the exterior and wither its outlook.

Keeping it covered will get rid of that issue. For even better protection, you can pick a boat cover that won’t fly off when carrying it on a trailer.

Protection From Theft

Some boat covers are even equipped with a locking mechanism which can keep it from being stolen. They are made in such a way that only you can uncover it. Also if a boat cover doesn’t protect it from being stolen, it will make it a lot harder to do so.

Protection From Infestation

Having troubles with seagulls or pesky bugs using your boat as their hideout? Why not cover it altogether? It will create an impermeable layer around your boat making birds and insects alike from invading your boat. It will also protect it from all the birds defecating on your precious boat.

Protection From Water

Most boats and yachts nowadays are equipped with electronic controls and navigation systems. Your seafaring ride can become useless without these features. Considering these electronic components aren’t entirely waterproof, a quality boat cover can save it from being damaged by rain or any splashing waves.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Boat Cover

In this modern era, there is no lack of choices when purchasing any product. The same goes for boat covers. To obtain the most suitable one for your boat, you need to know what dictates the quality of the perfect boat cover.

Thankfully, we have provided all the necessary features below. Pay attention to all the crucial factors as each of them are as important as the other. Boat covers are pretty expensive, so make sure you invest wisely. With all this acquired knowledge, you will know exactly what to ask for.


The size of the boat cover is of utmost importance as it should fit perfectly with your boat. People who own globally renowned models might not have a problem finding a cover manufactured specifically for them.

Others with less expensive models might find it hard to find a cover that fits their needs perfectly. In that case, you have to measure the dimensions of your model and choose the one that matches accordingly.

Some manufacturers offer various sizes of boat covers, so knowing the measurements will help you make the correct choice. Other companies allow you to customize the size of the material to suit your needs better.

Type Of Material

The kind of material will dictate the range of protection you will be getting. Some materials prevent water from seeping through and protect your boat from moisture. These are marine grade materials that can protect the electronic settings on your boat, even when you’re sailing through a storm.

Having a superior quality material will also enhance its durability and won’t be prone to tearing easily. The longer the cover lasts, the more it will contribute to your boat’s lifespan. Not to mention, you won’t have to look for a replacement frequently.

Ease Of Use

Sailors with large boats are often faced with the dilemma of covering the entire vehicle. It can often take a lot of time and proves to be a hassle. However, some boat covers are equipped with features that make it easier to use.

Such features include elastic hemming to strap the cover in place easily. Some even come with modified locks that can’t easily be detached. This helps you cover your boat in no time and also protects it from potential theft.

Ropes Versus Stretch Cords

This is also a crucial factor to consider, as it will define how tightly the boat cover hugs your vehicle. It is recommended not to use covers with stretch cords as they can loosen up over time, and the cover won’t fit correctly.

Your boat will be more prone to dust accumulation, insect infestation, and it can even let in moisture. Some manufacturers offer covers with arguably unbreakable ropes that keep it tightly in place. It can be a significant advantage when carrying your boat on a trailer.

Online Or Local

You might be questioning whether to buy the boat cover online or from a local store. Well, unless you own a renowned model, you might not find the most suitable size or material for your boat cover.

If you do have a popular model, you can easily get one by typing the measurements and type of material you seek. Buying a high-quality boat cover is usually cheaper online than from a local vendor.

Don’t be disheartened, though. There are some local manufacturers as well, which allow you to customize a cover of your own. In that case, you will be able to get a more suitable cover than you could online.


Last but not least is the price of the boat cover. To make sure you are not being deceived, you should compare the quality of the material, the added perks, and the protection it provides.

If it properly fits all your needs and isn’t too hard on your wallet, you should just go for it! If you’re on a tight budget, it’s wiser for you to buy the cover online. For boats that measure up to 25 feet, several online companies are selling for as low as 600 dollars.

 Buying the same size from a local manufacturer, however, can cost you up to one grand! But if you can’t find one for your model online, you don’t have much choice either.


The factors mentioned above are the most crucial when determining which boat cover is best for you. Boat covers are a must-have for any sailor who cares about his ride.

There are no better alternatives to it. Make sure you buy one with a high-quality material that serves you long enough to get your money’s worth. Most of these accessories can be notoriously expensive, so don’t just rush into buying it.

Assess all the different options presented to you and choose according to your needs. You now acquire all the knowledge required to buy the perfect boat cover for you.

Weigh in your options, compare and contrast, and choose wisely. Don’t just buy a waterproof boat cover just because it visually attracts you. Some salesmen can be pretty deceiving and can persuade you easily. Fortunately, you now know the right questions to ask!