All of our pasties are made with a flaky, buttery pastry and contain a savory filling…


  • Chic-Pot-Pie: Poached and shredded chicken breast, tender peas and sweet carrots, napped in Béchamel (cream sauce).  Seasoned with a just hint of curry.  It’s a grown-up pot-pie that our grandchildren love, too!
  • Yooper:  Tender chunks of marinated sirloin, potato, rutabaga and onion.  We honor the traditional Cornish pasty.
  • Veggie:  Filled with chopped spinach and mushrooms and a little onion, held together with Gruyere (swiss-style) cheese and just enough Béchamel (cream sauce) to satisfy your taste buds. Pop-Eye, and all our veggie munchers, will love this one.
  • Oinkle:  Pork and apples, of course.  Our custom-made pork sausage is baked with chunks of apple, onion and potato and flavored with the traditional herb for this combination – sage.
  • BBQ Beef:  Fork-shredded bbq’d beef with a little onion and green pepper.  More sweet than spicy.  ’Nuff said.
  • Ginger Chicken:  A light and fresh filling made with chicken that’s been poached with tomatoes, ginger, cilantro, garlic and chiles.  We add some steamed cauliflower to give you something good to bite.
  • Steak and Stilton:  Large chunks of tender steak with blue and swiss cheeses.  Bite in and taste the classic combination.
  • Ratatouille:  Zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, sweet red peppers, green peppers, onions and a breath of rosemary to tie it all together.  A delicious and hearty (and vegetarian) treat.
  • Ham & Cheeses: Ham, 3 cheeses, potato, onion, parsley. 

Serving suggestions:

Pasties make a quick and elegant brunch dish.  Try a Veggie pasty with a few slices of bacon.  Or for a more English-style breakfast, add two slices of Spencer’s Back Bacon and/or some grilled tomatoes.

Grilled Tomatoes:

1 medium tomato per person, salt and pepper.

Heat large frying pan or griddle to medium.  Add a little olive oil or bacon fat if you think the tomatoes might stick.

Cut tomatoes in half. (Round tomatoes cut across, plum tomatoes cut lengthwise.)

Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Cook, without moving, cut side down for about 2 mins.  Flip gently, add salt and pepper, and finish on other side.